Sucker Crush

sucker crush

Sucker Crush is a project about heartbreak, self reclamation, anti-capitalist yearning, and sometimes small sweet things like plants and pets and video games.


I'm not really playing live again yet, but you can either sign up to get emailed occasionally or follow me on Instagram or Facebook to be notified when shows happen again. Follow me on Spotify and add my songs to your best bummer playlists, or buy albums on Bandcamp.

Past Performing Members <3

Honor Monaco (voice, violin), Ryan Von Gonten (synth, guitar, drum machine), Isaac Otto (bass clarinet), Nathan Wheeler (voice, synth, drums)


Expectation Exorcism

Single, released August 21, 2020

This song is about telling my brain-demons to heck off so I can focus. You can use it to banish your brain-demons too.

voice, guitar, keyboard: Marissa Deitz
drums, synth, acoustic piano: Ryan Von Gonten

Recorded by Marissa & Ryan in our respective houses in Oakland, CA.

Cover photo by Fred Velez.

Middle Mattress Chasm

EP, released August 25, 2018

ESR is proud to present the debut studio offering from Sucker Crush, the solo songwriting project of Oakland-based musician/composer Marissa Deitz. "Middle Mattress Chasm" is a concise reflection on loss and the deadweight of intimacy, as Deitz processes the end of her marriage and creative partnership. She refracts the pain of loss into warm textures, delicate artifacts, and moments of self reclamation that levitate in this short and graceful handful of songs.

Marissa Deitz - voice, guitar, cello, keys
Nate Wheeler - percussion, keys
Mateo Lugo - voice, guitar
Adam Hirsch - voice, clarinet, keys
Joy Cyr - voice, percussion

Songs by Marissa Deitz
Recorded by Adam Hirsch
at Tiny Telephone Recording in San Francisco, CA
Mastered by Geoff Saba
at Itinerant Home Recordings

Cover design by Nika Aila States.

Other Lovers

Single, released May 27, 2016

This song is about nonmonogamy - both the fear and the joy it brings.

Marissa Deitz - guitar, voice, cello

Marco Gallerin - drums

Recorded by Marissa Deitz and Chace Wall

at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music in Oakland, CA and in a bedroom in Martinez, CA.


Adam Hirsch - voice, clarinet, guitar

Marissa Deitz - voice, cello, guitar

Named for the wind-battered spruces on the shores of Newfoundland, Tuckamore makes songs that are about or inspired by trees. Ecstatic and understated, direct and oblique, Tuckamore's tunes crawl inside the cracks in the bark and shout at the wind, wondering if the sounds might stick and get blown out to sea.

I fell down naked a cold river caught me

EP released November 17, 2017

"I fell down naked" is the Oakland-based duo's first collection of recordings, ranging from drone-cradled expanses to simply-hewn song forms.

Marissa Deitz - vx, guitar, cello, keys
Adam Hirsch - vx, guitar, clarinet, synth

Recorded and produced by Adam & Marissa
at Tiny Telephone Recording in SF/Oakland, CA and Figure 8 Recording in Brooklyn, NY
with help from Joy Cyr

Cover photo by Adam.

Single released April 14, 2015

The Vale’s new single “In Motion” finds them embracing the warmth and radiance of their new home in California. Introducing shimmering electric guitars, a galloping rhythm section, and bright, energetic vocal harmonies to their sound, the track puts the influences of Mac DeMarco, George Harrison, Animal Collective, and The Hollies on full display. Significantly more expansive and up tempo than their previous efforts, “In Motion” represents a marked shift away from the sparse, muted approach on their 2014 album From Another Room.

All performances by The Vale (Marissa Deitz and Chace Wall)
Words and music for "In Motion" by Chace Wall
Words and music for "Tiniest Lights" by Angel Olsen, arr. by The Vale

Recorded by The Vale at the Mills College Center for Contemporary Music in Oakland, CA. Mastered by Daniel Ryan at Minbal Studios in Chicago, IL.

Artwork by Marissa Deitz.

In Motion

Chace Wall - voice, guitar, production

Marissa Deitz - voice, cello, guitar, baritone ukulele

The Vale is an avant-pop duo formed in May 2013 by multi-instrumentalists Marissa Deitz and Chace Wall. Their confessional songwriting, intricate arrangements, and washed out, lo-fi recordings have garnered comparisons to Tyrannosaurus Rex, Grizzly Bear, Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, and White Fence.  

The vale

From Another Room

Album released February 18, 2014

Recorded on a bedroom four-track partially in the hazy heat of summer and completed in the midst of a blizzard, From Another Room is a collection of carefully constructed and confessional tracks that document The Vale's beginnings as both artistic and romantic partners. Withdrawn whispers blanketed in washes of delay, detuned utterances offered without hope, adulterine desires obscured by the oppressive and constant presence of tape hiss - the album is enigmatically defined by both its confessional immediacy and sonic obscurity, and extended to you on the same medium which brought it into existence.

Chace Wall - voice, guitar, banjo, organ
Marissa Deitz - vocals, baritone ukulele, cello

All songs written by Chace Wall and Marissa Deitz
Engineered by Chace Wall
Mastered by Doug Malone at Minbal Studios in Chicago, IL
Art by Anna Schachinger.